Midsommar ★★★★½

I'm not a huge fan of horror films, but the trailer for Midsommar was one of the most captivating trailers I've seen in a long time. It really sparked my curiosity and desire to watch this movie. I kept wanting to see what this movie was about. And then last week, I was finally able to watch it.

What a crazy show. Wow. The movie did an amazing job at keeping me engaged, wanting to watch more and more of the insanity going on around it. Part of it was the interesting story of grief, trauma and relationships all mixed in with breathtaking cinematography and phenomenal acting by all. I really enjoyed this from beginning to end, even though I felt uneasy the entire way through. This is they type of "horror" I enjoy. Not the cheap jump scares, mindless violence, or films where everyone ends up getting stabbed. This one was way more than just that.

I really felt like I was tagging along with this group to the festival. I really felt like I was watching things I shouldn't be watching. I really felt like I too was part of this festival, and trying to hide so as not to stand out, ha.

The setup was brutal. The festival, while really out there, felt real. The characters were all very interesting. The main character was brilliant in her performance. Kudos to her. And the outcomes and ending were something else. I don't want to spoil it.

Another winner here was the cinematography and production design. So vibrant, and beautiful. I didn't think one could execute a horror film in daylight, but turns out you can! Wow.

I can tell that I need to re-watch it as it looked like there were clues all over the place, foreshadowing or providing more insight into the lore of this world. I really hope there's a commentary track for this. Or at least a director's cut or something. I'd love to see more of what we got.

I would highly recommend this movie if you enjoy crazy films that make you feel uneasy, and don't mind a little well placed/shot gore.

I now naturally want to see Hereditary. If it's like this film, I will likely enjoy it as well. Maybe I am a fan of this type of "Horror" or whatever this genre is. I love it.

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