Midsommar ★★★★★

It's genuinly not often at all that things emotionally affect me, Mommy (2014 dir. Xavier Dolan) really made me think hard about my relationships with my family, Son of Saul (2015 dir. László Nemes) brought so much of the horrors of war to my mind and haunted me with the harsh realities of life and Midsommar is another to add to the list. Ari Aster's second feature to date is a modern horror masterpiece and I hold nothing back making this statement. Trembling is essentially what I was doing twenty minutes after watching, still processing the extestensial crisis that is this film. Excellently made, terrifying to the ears, painfully effective. I leave with an understanding inside to the horrors of grief, betrayal and the way it affects people.

Also mentally scarring beware...

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