Tenet ★★★

yeah your timey shit’s cool stop talking about it. don’t be shy show it some more

really enjoyed some stuff from the last half of the film but i kinda found the first hour pretty intolerable. i know there’s a lot later that ties back to that first hour and i do think it would be fun on a second watch to go “oh that’s why-“ but that stuff should still be enjoyable on an initial watch. 

since it was mostly meetings and interrogating and talking for a while i wanted to get into what they were saying so badly but. oh my god. it’s like nolan was like “i thought about the physics of this so much let me just spend most the runtime getting characters to explain every ounce of it but in a weird half arsed way so no one can ask any questions and you can get how complicated it is. what? did someone say paradox? hahahah uhhh..... no one knows! let me get neil to say no one knows. just go with it. plot? yeah the characters’ll just say what’s going on for most of it.”

a lot of talking in a film is alright. but i think it’s more the fact every bit of dialogue was meant to be cool and important and explanatory that it lost any balance, and in that; any impact. 

it took so long for the stakes to kick in, which is fine...if you’re watching characters you care about. i did like the protagonist but it’s always risky having a protagonist that has no life/agency in the world outside the events of the film, plucked out the air and just forwarding the plot. and a lot of the supporting characters were just a bit.. meh? like who are you? where did you come from? what are you doing? i did like neil, and kat, who i guess are the main supporting characters, but it takes a while for them to hold any interest. they’re probably the only characters with any motivations or past mentioned.

once the stakes did kick in, i started to enjoy it and then- oh, okay, nevermind it’s more exposition. more talking about people who know the person who owns this thing and has this material. then more talking about time. cool.

it sounds like i hated this film, i didn’t! the direction, the choreography.. muah. there was some really great scenes, nice visuals, decent tension when it eventually got there, good performances. i did enjoy the latter half. overall: yeah it was alright, just a bit lacking in actual substance in my opinion

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