The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★★

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Probably one of the most relatable films I have ever seen as someone who spent some of there childhood living that low class Florida lifestyle I really related a lot to this story especially since this was definitely filmed in Florida. 

One of the best stories, I have seen in a while as it truly does depict what it is like to live in that lower class Florida life. The screenplay was also very well written and extremely funny, there is one scene involving magic bands which absolutely destroyed me (It probably did not affect many people that don’t live and have not seen tons of scammers (I’m a annualpass-holder so I see this shit all the time)). The acting was fricking phenomenal, and I know a lot of people praise William Dafoe’s performance but these kids may be putting out some of the best performances of 2017, Brooklyn Prince as Moonee is definitely the standout for me, she plays her role sooo well as a sarcastic 7 year old and through her performance I really did see a female version of me (except I did not curse, when was 7 my mom would have killed me if I cursed lol). Sean Baker proves time and time again that he not only knows Florida but he knows the struggles of being a single parent, he knows the mannerisms of children (like when Mooney and Scooty are talking into the fan to distort there voices, and that he is a fantastic director.

This easily had the best editing of 2017 and it is a CRIME it they nominated “I Tonya” instead of this for the editing. The cinematography is good except in the third act there is an abundance of close-ups. The tone and pacing are fantastic. Some of the best production design, have seen since they use a real motel that is actually in Florida and they film on location which brought a sense of reality to the film.

I know one of the biggest complaints of the film is the ending and yes the last 3 minutes of the film are incredibly cheesy, goofy, and makes zero sense, but if you take that out. It is practically a 10/10 film and that is when I have to ask myself should I let the logic of the ending spoil my experience, lol no you guys should know by now I love to over rate my films.

Verdict: 9.7/10

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