A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★½

So when will Emily Blunt get her long overdue first Oscar nomination? This woman is criminally underrated!

I'm a bit torn as to how I truly felt about the movie. There were parts I liked and there were parts that I really didn't (Emily Blunt's Everlyn being pregnant isn't one of them). On the one hand, A Quiet Place is a nervewrecking post-apocalyptic thriller that manages to distinguish itself from other monster films by exploiting silence in such a way that it's rarely, if never, been done before in the horror genre. On the other hand, it still makes a conscious choice to rely on some horror cliches that made me roll my eyes several times, like loud noise that accompanies jump scares. For a movie that effectively and cleaverly turns silence into a powerful cinematic device to heighten tension, I thought it would abandon the sudden, noisy way of wrecking nerves like cheap jump scares altogether. I was obviously wrong. I also didn't like some narrative decisions (like why do you keep pulling the sack when it gets hooked on some thing that happens to be a nail? And why don't you do something with it?)

Nevertheless, Krasinski brings A Quiet Place to an emotionally-charged conclusion that almost made me turn a blind eye to the film's flaws. As a drama, this is a decent film about parenthood and how far the parents can go to protect their children. The performances from John Krasinski, Noah Jupe, Millicent Simmonds, and especially Emily Blunt are superb.

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