Ran ★★★★★

Themes such as hatred, revenge, greed, and betrayal occasionally govern the works of Shakespeare and Akira Kurosawa. And both proved that they could portray those themes in a way that brought wonder to the work in their respective medium. Ran is a wonderful, loose adaptation of King Lear and can rightfully claim the title of best adaptation of this literary work by Shakespeare. Kurosawa masterly crafted a movie about machination and humans’ undoing as a result of their tendency to derail from the reasonable course of action to commit heinous acts. It's a film imbued with Kurosawa’s artistic expertise. One of my favorite scenes is the attack of Taro and Jiro’s forces against their own father. Kurosawa’s decision to use music that drowns out all the hubbub during the battle genuinely conveys a real sense of tragedy befalling everyone in the land. It’s the scene that holds a mirror up to us all, human beings with character flaws.

This masterpiece of Kurosawa has claimed the second spot in my list of top 1980s movies. It's also one of my favorite films of all time. Ran is just truly amazing in every way.

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