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  • Monday



    Rented on VOD

    Liked this for the most part it does drag a little in the middle after a really lovely first hour or so of them falling for each other. Abruptly ends too which I didn’t love but Sebastian Stan is great but Denise Gough further proves her stardom after me being swept away by her work in the revival of Angels in America. Has vibes of the Before Trilogy and a European romance film and I enjoy those types of movies and want more of them these days!

    More to come.......

  • Best Summer Ever

    Best Summer Ever


    Watched Through the Annapolis Virtual Film Festival

    What an absolute delight!!!!! The only movie that caught my eye on SXSW's line up with this one but I did not realize they were not doing individual ticketing for that festival but I added this to my watchlist and only a few weeks later I saw it was playing at a festival near me that I was not geo locked out of! I was not prepared for this to be a full…

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  • The Promise

    The Promise


    Why is no one seeing this is incredible!!! It's a hard sell but it really moved me. Well one thing the title was not a good fit. Makes it sound like a Nicolas Sparks movie. Like Chastain in Zookeeper's Wife, Oscar Isaac's accent was a little bothersome at first but his performance overcomes it. The beginning is a little dry but once they get into the genocide it's really moving and heartbreaking. I knew nothing about this before so I really was…

  • Two Distant Strangers

    Two Distant Strangers


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Ok now I am ok not being open to have this year’s Oscar Shorts because the amount of walk outs during Two Distant Strangers mid way would be too much to handle. Two old white people left once that one ended but I think they were more offended about what it had to say about cops not that it was a gratuitous exploitative short that I’m sure would be DEEPLY triggering for the right reasoning side of the crowd that…