Lamb ★★★★

A24 has done it again! This movie has been marketed to the horror crowd in typical A24 fashion and is playing in mostly wide release driven theaters when it really is more of a family drama with a horrific ending and some underlying unease throughout. Noomi Rapace is great as a woman who discovers the wildly unordinary newborn baby lamb in her stable that has the body of a human and the face of a lamb. She decides to raise the lamb as if it were her child with her husband but the dynamic gets tricky once his brother comes to visit unannounced and he is appalled by the child. I really liked this movie for its commitment of just playing it straight and not over explaining anything. The visual effects of Ada the Lamb are truly impeccable and seamless and I also loved the sound design ramping up the dread nature especially with Ada's real mother just baaahing all day and night long. I do kind of wish we got like 2 more scenes at the end but other than that, I really liked this weird ass Icelandic movie and wish A24 would stop setting up these movies for failure marketing them as wall to wall horror and not just a niche International film. Ada the Lamb and Baby Annette would be friends if given the opportunity!

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