Nope ★★★★½

Nope is great, simple as that. I have such great appreciation for Jordan Peele and his evolution as a filmmaker. It’s evident he’s learning more and becoming more creative with each passing film. I love how stylized this was. The color correction was gorgeous. The sets looked great. The cinematography was terrific. And they all worked together to make something unique. The sound design and score worked great, especially in RPX. Peele’s writing also never disappoints. He masterfully weaves humor into extremely intense scenes, and it never feels off.

As for the others involved, they all left a great impact on the film. Steven Yeun is a king, and I really enjoyed his performance. Keke Palmer was perfect in her role. And Daniel Kaluuya was outstanding as usual. He’s becoming one of my favorite actors with how well-versed he is as an actor. The guy can take any role and instantly give me a feel for what the character’s personality is like. Hoyte Van Hoytema’s work was superb. The way he and Peele placed me in the scene, operating the camera as if I was on set observing, was amazing.

The story was extremely compelling, and I really enjoyed some of the themes and messages Peele showed. Most importantly, his appreciation for movie crew members was more than obvious. In this movie and in real life, crew members are not only essential, they save the world. It’s time we finally give them the recognition they deserve.

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