Captain Marvel ★★★★

At least Marvel can figure out how to make a good ‘Superman’ movie. 

Have so much to say about Captain Marvel but don’t have much time so just going to list all my pros & cons...

- Beautiful tribute to Stan Lee & possibly my favourite Stan Lee cameo
- Women are the best
- #HappyInternationalWomen’sDay
- Brie Larson is great, obviously. 
- Jackson & Larson’s chemistry/banter together 👌
- Besides Guardians 1 & The Ant-Man films, this might be the funniest MCU film 
- The Skrulls are great (gave me It Follows vibes)
- Ben Mendelsohn steals the show
- The MCU tie-ins & foreshadowing are executed really well
- Subveted my expectations
- Loved the relationship between Danvers & Rambeau

- The first 15 minutes were abysmal
- CGI wasn’t the best
- Didn’t like the suit when she had the helmet on 
- The editing was Bohemian Rhapsody levels of bad
- Some revelations were predictable
- Ronan felt so unnecessary (reminiscent of Darth Maul in Solo)  

After the poor promotional material I saw & the lukewarm reviews, my expectations were as low as possible for Captain Marvel; I was more excited to see the post-credit scenes than the actual film. However, Captain Marvel surprised me and it’s an absolute blast from the 15 minute mark til the end. Oh yeah, and Thanos, you better be fucking ready because Carol Danvers is coming for your ass.  

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