Gone Girl

Gone Girl

(that's right! i'm going from reviewer to filmmaker)

it’s called Man Cured. it follows lucas, a shy and sensitive 22 year old who oft spends his evenings babysitting a precocious park slope kid. but when he arrives to the brownstone to discover a new babysitter in his place, a whirlwind weekend unfolds, forcing lucas to confront what he's been holding back.

we’re giving this short film the full treatment. and in order to bring this story to life, i would love your help πŸ’Ÿ we’ve started a crowdfunding page on indiegogo that you can click through here or in my profile bio to learn more. even if you can’t donate, sharing our project is so so valuable.

we also made an instagram account if you want to follow here!

thank you so much and i can’t wait to share Man Cured with you when it’s finished!! πŸ’œ and yes, it will be loggable on here!

(i know this is technically a 'review' for gone girl but gone girl is my favorite so what better way to announce this)

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