Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★½

that feeling of magic the older generations talk about it when they first watched star wars? sorry you're never gonna feel it again you old fucks! get ready for the past to die. get ready for rian johnson to trademark the color red and eviscerate every fucking expectation.

i've talked to my younger cousins, i've seen brooklynn prince's review, i watched kids leave the theater ... they loved it. they said it was the best movie yet. they felt that magic! isn't that the joy you want? for others to feel the way you felt when you first watched star wars?

it's hard to believe there was no star wars from 2005-2015. perhaps that's why my generation is so fucked up. i never got a star wars. the closest was jar jar binks and at the time i didn't even bat an eye.

this movie, especially on a second watch, is top of its game. rian johnson is in complete control, the kylo rey relationship was executed brilliantly, and space dern did that!

and those fish nuns deserve the oscar!!!