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This review may contain spoilers.

madame blanc: come on!

olga: *blindly pounding on mirror, exasperated* i don't dance...

susie: i know you can

*throws her arms, olga goes flying*

olga: *face smashed against mirror* not a ch ance,,,

susie: if i could do this

*twists her hands*

susie: well, you could do that

*olga's spine coils, cracking each vertebrae*

olga: *barely forming words out of her broken jaw* but ... i don't .. d ance

madame blanc: hit it out of the volk!

olga: *body bloated, bruised, limbs definitely not in the right places* idn t deerrncee

susie: i say you can 😈

*grunts, whips red braid, stomps feet, olga's beaten body bouncing on each beat*

olga: t her s no ttt a chAAaAAAanc ee

susie: slide home

*olga's torso tears*

susie: you score

*olga's knees meet her ears*

susie: swingin' on the dance floor

*olga's unrecognizable body, purpled, contorts into a final grotesque bundle*

the witches: *slicing the sickles into olga's body* she don't dance, no...

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