Bohemian Rhapsody ★★

it’s definitely better with a rewatch. there’s some beautiful moments in the movie that almost make me want to forget all of the things that didn’t settle right with me before. almost. 

the beginning and end are the strong points, the latter certainly being the strongest. my first time watching i was disgusted by the middle. the character of paul, even in the position of the “antagonist” is still downright awful and seems to paint his sexuality as the reasoning for this. there’s not a doubt in my mind that bryan singer was the sole reason for this atrocity. freddie at his worst is depicted fondling a character whom in real life is someone he loved dearly. again, with the news that emerged of singer, i squirm at this scene. it’s in terrible taste and i can’t help feeling like it is spitting in freddie’s memory. that kills me most. 

rami is incredible. it goes without saying and although i’d walk to the end of the earth for him i don’t feel the need to comment more on what’s already been said. i’m curious if he’ll be recognized and i fucking pray he does. my boy needs more love!

the pacing felt a little more smooth, but i can’t forget how slow it felt the first time. i’m impatient and i get bored easily, so making me wish the movie would end while i’m staring at rami malek and listening to one of my favorite bands..........that’s unforgivable. 

(spending my birthday crying in a theater full of elderly people with my normally stoic mom crying beside me was. an Experience i won’t forget)

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