Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★

Sadly, this seemed to lose momentum for me as it continued. Although I mostly enjoyed it on the whole, the film honestly felt like a typical action comedy trope hidden only by its incredibly creative direction. The plot itself, however, wasn’t particularly innovative, aside from the emotional aspect. It wanted to be so many different things, so much so that it feels like it stretched itself thin. 

In my opinion it relied far too heavily on comedy (some of which became borderline annoying, repetitive, and at times even stupid). What I wanted more of was Jobu Tupaki, because she just stole every scene she was in, such a cool character and everything surrounding her interested me. Wish they somehow would’ve explored her even more and included more of her fight scenes. 

The truth is, as the end neared, something in me kept thinking “why are they trying to make this a metaphor for depression?” It just rubbed me the wrong way. I love existentialism, but this satirized it to the point it began to irritate me. 

I think to sum it up, I loved the creativity, newness, and the premise, but didn’t love the execution or genre-blending, which fell short.

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