The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley ★★


as a dedicated holmie, you know, a turtleneck-clad, eyes wide open, world class scammer, i expected the best. when i read the book, it was the first time my mouth dropped in a literary experience since gone girl's "i'm so much happier now than i'm dead." so going into this, i wanted the DRAMA. i wanted the insanity. i wanted the history, the story, the stalking, the litigation, the deep voiced blonde bomb bitchery.

instead i got the same damn photo with 1000 graphics and a narrative worse than elizabeth's hair stylist. i got no resolution and truly no set up. i got the same damn clip of elizabeth walking in and out of theranos (cuz she be the badddie b) and some boring ass white dudes talking about their experience. i can't stand it!!! coming off the heels of going clear, it's clear alex gibney should not be let anywhere near a scam of this magnitude again.

wake me up when jlaw finishes filming because the oscar campaign starts THEN. bet your blood on it.