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  • The Conjuring 2

    The Conjuring 2


    Such a beautiful movie I think of it more as a love story than a horror 
    - act 2 slows down a little but in act 3 the scares pick back up , with a satisfying and intense payoff
    I would say the best scare is the valak portrait one ; it’s so unique and well shot   
    The purity of the warrens love is perfectly captured in this movie & I respect it so much  ,
    However in terms of being a horror movie with depth and cinematography  - the conjuring 1 is superior   .

  • Mulan



    This falls flat compared to the animated one :( , I think a directors cut would be better bc there wasn’t enough character development and it seems like a Disney wannabe movie which is such a shame bc mulan is their best franchise ... hopefully live action Pocahontas will be better

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  • Insidious



    It would be much less scary without the jump scares but when the black figure had the baby & the tulip song was playing that was a good scare

  • Coraline



    It’s the best movie ever like the lighting and composition is on point & the Easter eggs there  is heaps of things good with this movie ,, definitely in my top 5