Captain Marvel ★★★½

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Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 1 – 3.


Literally a few weeks ago we were all talking about how Black Panther, whilst a great comic book movie, should be nowhere near the top of the pile when it comes to Oscar picks. Now all of a sudden comic book movies are bad because they're not like Black Panther??

Any cinephile who gives this a poor rating I can kinda understand, then they probably should stay clear from any franchise in the future! Yet for those who like Marvel movies to turn around and say this is awful, I think I'm blocking you in the future. It's not bad. It's not Oscar worthy either (no Marvel film is imo).

Ranking it by other Marvel movies it sits firmly in the middle, not as good as some of the early movies or some of the later comedic films but far better than some of the made by numbers entries we had in the early 10's.

Brie as the film's (and the whole franchise's first) female lead does a great job, we don't have an awful lot of emotional attachment to her as she herself spends the runtime not sure of who she really is until the final battle. Her comedic timing isn't bad but I didn't think the script did her any favours.

As far as origin stories go it's nice to finally see someone in a different time period but I felt like a lot of the music and other references were overly forced, people didn't listen to the greatest hits of the nineties whilst we were still in the nineties!

I thought Fury was probably the best written character in the whole movie from a comedic stand point and his de-aging actually looked good, Caulson went back to being a bit part character like the early MCU movies but his de-aging looked pretty bad.

Ben Mendelsohn is the MVP of the film for me, his character's arc is pretty much the backbone of the whole story.

I'm hoping that Captain Marvel is around for a long time in the MCU and seeing her interact with more established characters will give her the standing she deserves.

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