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  • Godzilla



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    (Written on 8/11/2017 for the Muriels Hall of Fame and published here.)

    As a response to the national tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, perhaps it’s not surprising that, unlike the countless sequels, remakes, cartoons and toys that came after, Ishiro Honda’s Godzilla is… not a lot of fun. From the perspective of an American 2017 viewer, raised in the shadow of blockbuster spectacles, it does everything wrong. There are characters — the professor who wants to study the beast; his…

  • All That Heaven Allows

    All That Heaven Allows


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Here's a little something I wrote up for the Muriels Hall of Fame:

    “There is so much to adore about All That Heaven Allows, Douglas Sirk’s 1955 tale of a love affair between a socialite (Jane Wyman) and younger gardener (Rock Hudson). The acting is top-notch: Wyman leads us through Cary’s conflicts and confusion with her face alone, while Hudson’s soft-spoken and tamped-down performance is, in the context of a 50s melodrama, practically Bressonian. The crazy-artificial sets, particularly Cary’s house,…

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  • Demon Seed

    Demon Seed


    Barely interesting until the "house-bound prisoner" part of the scenario starts, and even then, found myself bothered by the number of contrivances it took to make that part work. (Couple splits up, terminal installed in the house, a robot made of a wheelchair and mechanical arm, scientist has metallurgical or whatever equipment in the basement.) The Mummenschanz Rubik's Snake thing was cool, though. I think Cammell was going for a "last part of A.I." type thing, something about the potential…

  • The Food of the Gods

    The Food of the Gods


    Up from 2 stars, as, whatever faults this movie has (and oof, there are quite a few, starting with the great Ida Lupino's terrible performance), the fact is, it's shot in gorgeous, foggy British Columbia, it promises giant animals and delivers, it speedily moves from scene to scene, and the bad special effects are fantastic. (You heard me.) Still not sure what's more strange, a goopy oatmeal that oozes out of the ground and makes animals big, or a football league with five person teams.

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  • Beasts of the Southern Wild

    Beasts of the Southern Wild


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Hey girl. Sorry you're too young and too small to do anything about global warming, your poverty, your father's horrendous parenting style, your missing mom, your terrible schooling, your community's penchant for alcoholism and general unwindulaxing, and being inculcated with values that emphasize the masculine ("beast it") to the detriment of the feminine ("don't be a pussy"). Oh yeah, and your father dying.

    But hey! You stood up to some imaginary monster pigs, so good for you.

  • Me and Orson Welles

    Me and Orson Welles

    BOYHOOD took twelve years to make, but this took twelve years to watch.