Jaws ★★★★★

Things I noticed this time:

* In the beginning, Brody leaves his house with some kind of towel on his neck, that Ellen takes from him; when he leaves the police station to call off the swimmers, he has another, different towel on his neck. 

* Finally realized that there's more of Chrissie in that bucket than just a hand. 

* The second half is usually a kind of blur/mush for me; exciting, but lacking a kind of definition. This time, because of the huge screen and loud sound system, I was able to see it for its component parts, and how one part led to another. (Note to future self: You have to listen to what Quint says.)

* When Ellen is sending Brody off with Quint, it seems clear to me that his waterproof jacket and pants are brand new, like they just bought it on the way over (because when was Brody ever going to need that?)

* The nurse that rolls Michael out of his hospital room is pretty cute.

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