Jeepers Creepers ★★★★½

VFG31 • Day 19

I’d be lying if I said I don’t absolutely love this movie, and easily regard it as being one of the best of the 00’s, it is perfect at building tension, suspense and mystery - and the first 50 minutes is easily up there with the best. Again, like I stated in my previous review, everything that happens in the last 30 minutes or so just doesn’t match what came before it, it goes into bat-demon monster mode, losing much of the terror it had build up. Still one of my favourite comfort movies, mostly due to the brother and sister dynamic of Darry and Trish, who are played perfectly. I hate how a psychic is used in both this movie and in the sequels to explain the exposition and lore about the Creeper, but that bit of laziness aside, it still holds up fantastically almost 20 years later.