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  • What Happens Next Will Scare You

    What Happens Next Will Scare You


    Just finished the fabulously spooky and wonderful ‘What Happens Next Will Scare You’, from the creative team who made ‘The WNUF Halloween Special’, an all-time favorite. This time they’ve combined their extraordinary skills at creating “that authentic retro feel” with a modern narrative and the results are a huge success. Loved it!

    Screened as a part of the Nightmares Film Festival.

  • Candy Corn

    Candy Corn


    Maybe not the highest rating for a standard “like” but I appreciate what they set out to do. Needed to be weirder and wilder, and I think they coulda done that despite the limited budget. The “Candy Corn” slasher was miscast and underwritten but what can you do. Still, kudos to the team for pulling of a film that looks this good. Let’s see what the team does next!

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  • Predator 2

    Predator 2


    Watched this for the first time since I was a kid. I was expecting to love it because I really liked it back then, however while the world-building is good the first third of the movie features a depiction of gang violence that is pretty cartoony and racist. The good news is that once it's basically Danny Glover out to get revenge against the Predator it gets pretty fun. I really dig the stuff at the end with the Predator…

  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch


    Best Halloween holiday movie ever (besides The Barn).