Out 1

Out 1 ★★★★

Discussed with Jonathan Rosenbaum, former critic of The Chicago Reader (not to mention author of Essential Cinema, Goodbye Cinema, Hello Cinephilia, and a dozen other essential books), on the latest episode of The Cinephiliacs. I was slightly annoyed when Jonathan chose this as it meant having to skip out of waiting for the restoration, plus it meant non-ideal viewing situation, but it's an immersive experience that was an easy and quite enjoyable sit. Rivette has always captured the idea of paranoia in a way few of the American 70s films ever could, because he understood it was fundamentally a disposition instead of an act with a solution. American filmmakers show paranoia to us; Rivette places us right in the middle of the chaos, with no possibility of ever seeing the Big Picture. Of course, The Big Picture never exists.