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  • Good Morning

    Good Morning


    I would like to thank peaking for the indirect recommendation. It's because of his review that I added this movie to my watchlist. Thanks 😊

    * This is a great comedy film by Yasujiro Ozu (director of Tokyo Story)

    * I saw a lot of similiarities between the style and tone of this movie and the general style of Wes Anderson. Is it a coincidence or was Anderson inspired by this movie to create his brilliant style? Anyway, I highly…

  • Silence



    I got the motivation to see this movie because of a discussion with Dale042 on PTA's The Master and it's exploration of religion. Thanks a lot mate.

    * I love long movies which give a smiliar experience to a good novel. At this point in time, Scorcese has become a source of that for me. I loved The Irishman and now Silence.

    * Before I review this I should say that I don't believe in any God. But I am…

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  • Timecrimes



    Spanish Language Movies I Have Seen Ranked

    * A very good sci fi exploration of the predestination paradox or causality loop aspect of time travel. But I have to say Predestination (2014) did it way better. But it is not right for me to expect the same from such a low budget film. Considering their financial limitations, this was excellent work.

    * A causal loop (or Predestination paradox or causality loop) is a theoretical proposition in which, by means of…

  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    * A really great movie and a great courtroom drama.

    * The intensity of this movie overwhelmed me in terms of energy. It kept it going from the beginning to the end. It was conflict every minute. Loved that though I wanted a glucose shot by the time it ended.

    * What a incredibly great writer Aaron Sorkin is. The dialogues were as usual out of this world. The rhetoric and the wit were so sharp. He had ample opportunity…