Nomadland ★★★★★

* When I read the plot intro on imdb, about the 2008 crash, I thought the movie would be a tragedy. So the optimism of the movie took me by surpise and was the best part for me.

* (I saw it a month ago) I expected many awards, as it showed something very essential about American life of the present time, especially in terms of socio-economic condition. The optimsim I mentioned above is only from a personal sphere of the central character. From a societal point of view it is a cautionary tale, plain and simple. If 90% of the population are nomads, it will be more like Mad Max.

* I am so glad we have an actress like Frances McDormand who can do what she did in this movie. There was only Fern. There was no actress anywhere.

* Kudos to Chloe Zhao for brilliantly choosing to film a gem of a true story. She deserved all the accolades.

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