Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool ★★★★★

* This is a great erotic mystery movie. Didn't know I was in for such a brilliant story.

* I usually was or may be still am averse to movies with a lot of sexuality. Recently I made a list about erotic movies because I am obsessed with lists and new ways to classify movies, believe it or not, have been in the forefront of my mind since I joined LB and found out there is a thing called lists. So I thought erotic movies I have seen must be a genuine and interesting list.

I was slightly surprised to find that I had only seen 10 movies that I could fit into that list. Even more surprised that there were only 4 great movies among them. They were The Sessions (2012), Eyes Wide Shut, Persona and The Handmaiden. I didn't know any of these movies were going to be erotic before I saw them. I saw The Sessions because it had 90% plus score on RT, Eyes Wide Shut was Kubrick's, Persona was Bergman's and The Handmaiden was Park Chan-wook's. And had I known before that these movies were going to be erotic I may not have even seen them.

This made me deeply ashamed about myself. Now I only see movies after reading the plot intro and if it were today I probably wouldn't have seen these 4 great movies. As someone who considers himself a good and well rounded movie fan (and proud of it) this seemed like a serious flaw to me. So that's when I took the decision to explore some high rated erotic movies deliberately.

As usual I looked into Rotten Tomatoes and found their list of 200 erotic movies. From that I chose a few and Swimming Pool was one of them. This is how I got to this movie. 😊

I also saw Body Heat (1981). Gave 4.5/5. Didn't review it. It was one of the best Noir experiences I have had considering I don't usually like Noir. But it wasn't an erotic experience for me as I didn't find the leading lady (Kathleen Turner) hot and I already knew her as Chandler Bing's dad from Friends 😂.

Both disappointments (Body Heat didn't get 5/5 snd wasn't erotic) got a solution through Swimming Pool now. It got 5/5 and was erotic. 😊

I have always felt that writing helps me think and bring clarity to my mind. Like that lists are another form of creativity which brings clarity to me about who I am as a movie fan. All this proves it. Lists improve me as a movie fan. Thanks a million Letterboxd. 😊

SPOILER POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is a huge gap between the spoiler points and the bottom of the review.

* My interpretation of the ending - I didn't have to think about it. It came to me as the ending was going on. It was a wonderful wow! moment.

Julie and her story is the imagination of the writer. She had heard about John Bosload's daughter (Charles Dance) from him. She was at his house. She was angry at him for not keeping his promise (so unconsciously or even consciously portrayed him in a negative light). She was in one of the most sexiest countries in the world, France. (May be that's why the strong erotic element) All this combined with her writer's imagination give birth to Julie.

The final scenes where the writer gives Bosload her novel Swimming Pool (translation of Julie's mom's novel), she sees his real daughter etc are also imagination. Everything after Julie's appearance and everything that happens as a consequence of Julie's story are obviously imaginary if Julie is imaginary. Julie seprates the real and imagination part of the story. The writer probably will publish this story with the title "Swimming Pool".

Elongated the review because of spoiler points

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