The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★★

“green is what is left when ardor fades, when passion dies, when we die too.”

i’m not sure what exactly this movie made me feel but it still has me in a trance. it perfectly captures a unique medieval coming of age story and everything that accompanies a true journey of life - a devouring desire to face expectations for honour and significance, the shame and burden that comes with failure, the insanity and grief that comes with power, and an inhuman hunger for more that makes us at one with the earth. after all, that is really all there is.

lowery has done a stunning job executing this tale on the screen. everything from the cinematography, the creatures and characters, the dialogue has left me with goosebumps. the green knight is definitely one of my top movies of the year with dev patel and alicia vikander delivering sexy ass performances that give me more reasons to love them if that was even possible.

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