Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians ★★★★★

no words could express how in love and how satisfied i am towards this movie. it is everything that i’ve ever wanted. 

and i have to say this, critics who think this isn’t a good asian representation, well let me tell you that you clearly have NEVER been to south eastern asia! i love how they put ‘alamak’, ‘lah’ and ‘baiiii’ instead of ‘bye’. OUR slang/ words is being used inside a hollywood movie !! can you believe ?! and nick young ordering satay in malay literally had me squealing !! he really is out here speaking malay like WOW. i’m such a proud malaysian!! henry golding really is the nick young we deserve.

also the people in this movie are so beautiful?? constance wu and henry golding are the reason why i’m a Bisexual.

i’m so excited for china rich girlfriend. john chu really is coming for our wigs.

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