Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★★½

the only world i could use to describe this movie is just: wow

i didn’t really know who jessica keenan-wynn or alexa davies was until they got casted and i was slightly doubting them, and same goes to both josh dylan and hugh skinner but their portrayals of young tanya, rosie, bill and sam are undeniably spot-on. they got the accent right, the body movements, literally everything.

i never knew that a mamma mia! movie could be so sad because i didn’t cry at all watching the first one but this one had me sobbing from beginning to end non-stop. it’s crazy how you can cry from watching a supposedly hilarious movie.

them choosing lily james to portray young donna is one of the greatest choice they’ve made for this movie. she captured donna like she actually is donna and i am honestly so amazed by her perfomance. like i know lily could act but she acted so well in this movie. the similarity between her donna and meryl streep’s donna is so similar to the point you can barely tell the difference.

also, i would like to say that ABBA is fucking amazing and donna and the dynamos’ perfomance of i’ve been waiting for you is one of the most heartbreaking and touching musical number that has ever been done in any musical movie ever.

and one last thing before i leave, waterloo is the most enjoyable musical number in the movie. I LOVE YOU HARRY BRIGHT!

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