Pride & Prejudice ★★★★½

i’m not sure how long this review will be but we’ll see. so let’s start!!

1. i am so, SO in love with this film. everything about it is just magnificent. i don’t think there is any specific words to fully describe how beautiful this film is. it’s definitely one of its kind. this film makes me want to fall in love with someone. it just has that impact!

2. keira knightley delivered such a great performance as elizabeth bennet. GAHHH the academy should just let her win an award,, my girlie deserves this! stop nominating her if y’all ain’t gonna let her win! anywho i hope she’ll win an oscar some time in the future it’s what she deserves. ily miss keira knightley!

3. THE CINEMATOGRAPHY! MY WIG? SNATCHED! ROMAN OSIN DIDN’T HAVE TO SNAP THIS HARD! i love it so so much. you could literally pause at any moment and it’d still look magical. roman osin INVENTED one perfect shot!

4. i don’t know if this is a compliment or a hate comment but i love how there are certain scenes where they’re zooming in like the characters are in the office itS SO FUNNY FKSNJSJSJ

huh i guess i’m gonna stop here. i’ll come back soon when i have more to say 😋

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