Carol ★★

Man. I expected so much more from this film. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for a slow-paced, heartbreaking memoir of a forbidden and unfulfilled romance; maybe I am missing something... either way, Carol left me feeling empty (and not in a positive, I-really-feel-like-crying-today kind of way).

I appreciate how the story manages to effortlessly come full-circle in the end, but almost every part in between feels slower than molasses and full of insubstantial fog. There's conflict between Carol and her husband-with-the-stupid-name, which is sad because it compromises the relationship of the pair with their daughter... but what is supposed to be the focal point of this story (Carol and Therese's relationship), feels almost like a complete afterthought.

I lost interest a little over halfway in and wasn't really able to regain it, which makes me a little sad, as I have been so eager to see it. Love the cast and love the plot... just wish the delivery had a bit more punch to it.

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