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  • Compliance



    This must be one of the most stressful movies I've ever seen. This is disgusting and gaslighting at its best.
    Idk how people can be "brainwashed" like that.

    However, it turns out that it's true. People will do anything ordered by an authoritative figure. This is the horrific part. The real horror.

    I really haaate this kind of movie, I wanna give it low score, but I can't coz how this movie makes me strongly feel. I'm disturbed!

    Maybe people…

  • Body of Evidence

    Body of Evidence


    Oh the things you do for Dafoe.

    Is this like Basic Instinct with 80% korting?

    At least they have courtroom drama here.

    But other than that, it's just sex sex sex sex sex.

    I don't need to say Madonna is insufferable, right? Is she aiming to be Greta Garbo here? Or Ingrid Bergman?

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  • Red Notice

    Red Notice

    This is exactly what I meant when I say movies nowadays have become mass-produced.

    Typical heist action flick that tries to seduce the audience with "exotic" locations which they actually shot in their backyard.

    Too archetypal characters with silly motivations.

    Super famous actors but trapped in limited acting range. Reynolds is just acting as slightly different iteration of himself (I spotted that Aviation gin, you!).
    His one liners are what to be expected from Reynolds. Some of them are kinda…

  • History of the Occult

    History of the Occult


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This is one of the 'most' anticipated horror movies I have been looking forward to.
    But I'm sorry!!! This isn't as satisfying as I thought it would be.

    It has nice premise and very 'kino'-looking visual. The black and white, the nearly-square aspect ratio, the Lighthouse anyone? Also near the ending, when Maria and Jorge enter the 'illusion', the aspect ration changes. It's so beautiful.

    But what are they aiming for?? I think the movie bites more than it can…