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  • Rhinestone



    Not since discovering HARD TICKET TO HAWAII in 2018 have I ever been more grateful that this "gem" of a movie exists.
    I LOVED this movie. It has also officially dethroned COBRA as my favorite Stallone film.

  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas


    This movie is the cinematic equivalent of driving across the state of Texas: A never-ending hellscape that threatens your very sanity.

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  • Skyscraper



    A predictable, exactly-what-you-think-it-is popcorn flick -- DIE HARD meets TRUE LIES meets TOWERING INFERNO. But Dwayne Johnson is charming & capable as always, and he seems very self-aware in this film regarding how many outlandish predicaments he finds himself in (and then escapes from, natch). A lot of needless child endangerment & one big F bomb that makes you think this may have first been conceived as an R-rated movie. Plus, it's also always nice to see Neve Campbell. Ultimately: Forgettable, but fun.

  • Cold Pursuit

    Cold Pursuit


    I don't know if the guy who played "Viking" is the Best Actor Ever or the Worst Actor Ever, but he didn't just chew up every scene, he devoured them, and I loved every minute of it.

    Also: David O'Hara Alert!