Parasite ★★½

Parasite has been on my radar since at least early July, I’ve heard nothing but good things so I was naturally looking forward to seeing it. Now I’ll be honest, this year hasn’t been very good in terms of film quality, and I was hoping this would break that pattern. Boy was I wrong.

I’m not sure if hype culture played a role in my intense dislike of Parasite but I found it to be dreadful. My biggest issue would have to be the characters, most were unlikable or extremely bland. It makes it impossible to root for anybody and there’s nothing to distract from the convoluted story. The basic plot is interesting but I felt there was so much unnecessary detail that it just overshadowed the interesting aspects. Additionally, I found the themes oversimplified and overbearing. The violent parts where unnecessary and too over-the-top for my taste. I wouldn’t personally recommend it, but clearly, I’m in the minority.

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