Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★½

It's like they hung out with everyone I know working their shitty jobs, or not working their shitty jobs, hardly making enough to pay rent and eat, trying to do what they love and getting kicked in the delicate parts every time they do. Even though it's 1960s New York, it could be 2014 Melbourne, Australia - including cat!

Oscar Isaac is extraordinarily cast, so many flawless reaction shots, so many moments where you know exactly what he's thinking you want to yell out 'That's me! I know how it feels! It's true!'

Doing what you love hurts because it never, ever seems to turn out how you want. The luck never happens to you, even if you believe in that dream so much it bursts inside you, it's never enough because you just can't catch that break or know the right person or sleep with the right guy. Or maybe you just don't have whatever it is you think you do.

I can't wait to watch it again. To know we aren't alone.

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