That Thing You Do! ★★★★

After going out last weekend and the DJ played the theme song from this film, I haven't been able to get it out of my head all week. The only solution was to watch the film in all it's cheesy 90s glory.

I somehow managed to get the extended edition, which if you're planning on watching it, don't bother at all. Where the theatrical version is slick, quick paced and fresh, the extra half an hour or so makes the film seem clunky and long-winded. These scenes are completely unnecessary and sure, if gives a little back story, but no one was crying out to see more about Tina and her dentist. That never needed to be in there, leave it alone.

The film itself though, is thoroughly charming and I think that has to do with the cast, who all seem super young. Ethan Embry still had hair! Steve Zahn looks about twelve! Sure there are cliched moments, like hearing the song for the first time on the radio or being on television, but the joy of the band is so infectious you can't help smiling along with them. Probably one of my perfect Sunday afternoon films that I can put on and know I'll have a good time and a sing along to. Strange to think Tom Hanks went from Directing this to Saving Private Ryan. Two films which seem like complete opposites. Hats off to you, Hanks.

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