The Lego Movie ★★★★½

I thought I made a terrible mistake going to see this on Day 1 of the school holidays. Children everywhere. But in the end it was kind of awesome, to hear the giggles and cheers and excitement of the kids who truly seemed to love this film.

Like all great animation made in the past ten years or so, there is plenty of adults only humour and plenty of stuff just for kids. But I haven't seen a film for a long time that blends those two elements in suck a kick-arse way. The animation itself is stunning and so refreshing to see something other than the pixel-fest that seems to be saturating screens at the moment. The animation was beautiful and clunky and absolutely perfect for this film. It really couldn't have been any more awesome. Especially when Chewie and Han showed up. I mean Batman AND Star Wars AND Gandalf? I can't even!

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