Dolittle ★½

The latest adaptation of the Dr Dolittle story wrote by Hugh Lofting, Dolittle continues to show Hollywood doesn't know what to do with Robert Downing Jr outside of the MCU. Dolittle has this lighthearted nature to it that has a story that keeps Dolittle and his furry friends moving through their quest in a good pace that will keep young children entertained along with many good actors doing voices they will like as well.
Unfortunately, the humor(mostly revolving around animal puns and characteristics) feels stale by 2020 standards and lack appeal for anyone over a certain age. The story is very predictable, the actors (minus Downing Jr) don't really add much to the story and even Downing Jr feels too over the top at times and also not connecting with his costars because he's interacting with a CGI character. Michael Sheen plays a literal mustache twirling villain to Dolittle and adds very little to the overall story other than give the crew an obstacle to overcome. The ending goes so weird that it baffles the mind and the overall film just lacks much substance overall.
A fairly bad retelling of this classic story that will mostly like bore all audiences.

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