Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

The stylish dark filmmaking style of David Fincher and the captivating story written by Gillian Flynn and a great performance by Ben Affleck and an Oscar worthy performance by Rosamund Pike. The tension of the film keeps the audience on the edge of your seat for most of the film. The film is best seen without knowing much about the film so if you haven't read the book, wait and watch the film first. The twists and turns are original but the film doesn't completely hold up when examining closely every aspect. Most of what is wrong is nitpicking and is doubtful anyone will be taken out of the film by these aspects on first viewing.
The dark humor in the film and the great look at media and how perception can be altered by these sources is the key factors that make the film so memorable. Plus, Rosamund Pike is brilliant in her performance. Many detract the ending from the film as a negative, but others can see it as a honest look at how the situation would play out in real life. Just see it. A great thriller. A good Fincher film and a good novel adaptation.
My Take: The film depreciates for me the more I nitpick on the small details, but Pike deserves that Oscar.

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