Seberg ★★½

Seberg is a Kristen Stewart led film as French actress Jean Seberg who becomes a target of the FBI when she supports the Civil Right movement during the 60s and while Stewart is great in her role, the story just never goes anywhere worthy of that performance and lacks depth as it moves through the events without much to say about it. Anthony Mackie and Zazie Beetz also turn in great performance as well as Jack O Connell who might have the most layered story as he deals with his conscience while working as part of the FBI case against Seberg and how far is morally right to go.
Seberg could have been a compelling look at this unique person but unfortunately the writing especially the dialogue which has to spell everything out for viewers just didn't really go more than surface level into this interesting part of history and is just not that captivating of a tale as a result.

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