• First Lady

    First Lady


    First Lady is this romance story between a former first lady (Nancy Stafford) and this King(Corbin Bernsen) which can be charming at times(both are dependable tv actors) but its buried beneath this political agenda storyline that is hard to get through because the acting is bad, the story is so predictable in all the worst ways, the dialogue is so cheesy(it tries to be funny and isn't but then is unintentionally funny when it's trying to deliver its message) at…

  • The Lodge

    The Lodge


    The Lodge is a thriller about a woman stranded in a cabin in the woods during a snowstorm with her boyfriend's two children when strange events occur and this movie has some twists and turns in the story that will definitely divide opinions but I enjoyed every moment of it.
    Riley Keough is great her as the girlfriend and is able to bring a complex performance to the role being vulnerable at times while also being terrifying in others making…

  • The Assistant

    The Assistant


    The dramatization of these real life situations of these high powered executives is definitely relevant in this #metoo movement time where living through and there is portions of this film that were shocking, heartbreaking and quite potent.
    Helping all these moments strike their mark was the tremendous performance from Julia Gardner who was the driving force of most of this film as often she is the only person on screen or is working with a handful of actors that really…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Blumhouse once again knocks a great low budget horror film of out the park and Elizabeth Moss gives one of her best performances to date. She gives such a layered performance showing both strength and vulnerability. There is also so much tension in this film thanks to the cast giving such great performances and such well shot cinematography especially noting that often the actors are working off nothing and make it look legit when they’re in fights with the invisible…

  • Impractical Jokers: The Movie

    Impractical Jokers: The Movie


    So caveat on this but I’d never seen an episode of this show, but after watching this movie I probably won’t. The four guys do have some decent chemistry but they hardly on screen together. What we get is a bland story only there to make this cinematic length and to hold all this bits together that were hit or miss at best. Most of the humor was really dumb but I did find myself laughing at times. The overall…

  • Emma.



    Emma is yet another adaptation of the Jane Austen classic novel and while it may be the closest to the source material, It continues to be a hard story to adapt because it’s hard to really invest in Emma as the central character because of how crass and self centered she comes off onscreen despite the great acting Anya Taylor-Joy displays in the role.
    The cast works well off her but many get lost in the shuffle or feel more…

  • Greed



    Greed is a satire on how the 1% live and the class system and how the rich control those below them while also being a commentary on how the system is broken but it never effectively succeeds at either goal.
    Greed has a stacked cast with Steve Coogan stealing every scene he's in(even though he is annoying in most of his scenes-it is kind of the point) and Isla Fischer, Asa Butterfield and Stephen Fry turning out some good performances…

  • Beneath Us

    Beneath Us


    Beneath Us is a thriller about illegal immigrants seeking work from a rich couple that prove to be more than they seem. The story does have some decent story ideas as well as some unnerving scenes that ramp up the tension well (despite a lot of the acting not being stellar Lynne Collins being over the top any time on screen, but being a decently despicable foe for the young workers) and interesting twists and turns.
    The failure of the…

  • The Way Back

    The Way Back


    Gavin O'Connor once again proves he can make a great sports film ( as he did in 2004 with Miracle and 2011 with Warrior) that tells the story of a former basketball destined for greatness(played to near perfection by Ben Affleck) who now must fights his demons to coach a team to the championship.
    Affleck is so great in his role as he can emote strength and vulnerability sometimes in the same scene. He has such a layered character here…

  • Bloodshot



    Who knew this would be my last theater experience for months now that this thing has shut everything down. 
    Bloodshot as whole is an okay action movie that we’ve become familiar with as it comes to Vin Diesel On par with his stuff outside of Fast and Furious and MCU like XXX and Riddick. Bloodshot plays to his acting strengths and does it best to show him as the powerhouse letting him having these cool action scenes that are quite…

  • Onward



    Onward was another great film for Pixar-despite it not quite being on par with some of the greats like Up, Incredibles etc- with such great animation, a charming story and a great cast (Tom Holland and Chris Pratt being so great in this working so well off each other) but what really got me was the theme throughout the entire film of brotherly love and how that relationship develops in the story is just pure magic.  
    The aspect of…

  • Strange but True

    Strange but True


    Strange But True is an odd movie because it feels like two different movies poorly pieced together with good actors giving some bland performances.
    The story follows  Philip ( Nick Robinson) who receives a visit from his deceased brother’s former girlfriend that leads the family on a journey of self discovery and the past. Amy Ryan and Greg Kinnear play Philip’s parents but really aren’t given much to work with and a result they both come off as mundane in…