The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★

The highs in this are really high and made me think I was going to love this more than I ended up doing for a while - in particular the first act is a great way to set up a film and I was smiling a lot through the first half hour, the scene with Julie just walking about and then gatecrashing a wedding party being particularly lovely. From there, though, it feels like Joachim Trier isn't happy to settle and ends up reaching out into a whole load of other avenues; some of these work really well, others of them make me wonder what he was thinking. I'm really not sure about this film's attempts to reach for political relevance for example, and this is a trend I've noticed in a few films of late which feel like they want to say something but have no idea how or what they're gesturing toward - all the more frustrating when some of this feels about 5 years behind the times as is.

I'm mostly being critical so as to be kind though because this is still enjoyable in the main, some of the clutter I'm talking about left aside - as the film wears on it hones in more on its strengths, and the last 20-30 minutes or so left an emotional impact. It probably says something worrying about me that despite being younger than Julie and in a somewhat similar life situation, I related the most to Aksel in this film... maybe a sign I need to be a bit more immature while I still have the excuse.

Regardless, you'll probably find something to latch onto in here and the filmmaking can't be faulted, nor can Renate Reinsve's charming and sunny lead performance.

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