A Quiet Place Part II

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This review may contain spoilers.

1- why are these kids so stubborn? if you tell me to stay where i am, babe i won't be moving an inch of my body, they're always trying to be indiana fucking jones, i'm about to let demogorgon 2.0 have rights.

2- evelyn grieving her hubby's death, being a mama bear taking care of her kid's injury by herself, fighting monsters and going through a dangerous post apocalyptic city to get supplies, all of this while she was going through a POSTPARTUM????? i have nothing but respect to miss badass abbott.

3- oh so me and mister alien here have sum in common? we are always ultimately hungry, we can't swim and we have a short temper, that's interesting.

how come this blood diamond guy is in every movie i watch? he's literally everywhere, and this time his cameo didn't even last five solid minutes.

lee is gone, now he's gone!

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