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  • Toute une nuit
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  • 3/4



    A rather astonishing film. There is a suggestion of family drama, with tension building between sister and brother as well as father and children, but Metev curtails the narrative progression and elides resolution throughout. As in Schanelec, the progressive unfolding of time is undercut by repetitive images and deliberate elisions which give the sense that the character's lives have been ransacked for appropriate material. Various scenes of the smaller brother in isolation, situationally or just visually, are strung together not…

  • History Is Made at Night

    History Is Made at Night


    Second viewing; this time it all felt perfect to me. The film takes a delight in plot contrivance, joyfully in the case of Cesare and Paul Dumond's antics and hysterically in the case of Bruce Vail's. It is justified by the larger than life figure they cut; world famous chefs and headwaiters and a Howard Hughes like magnate, so that the film has a slightly symbolic and evocative sense of the excess of their world of refinement, existing somewhere above…

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  • All About Lily Chou-Chou

    All About Lily Chou-Chou


    There's something striking in the film's very moralistic dramaturgy - a sense of being overawed by wrongdoing. The first major incident in the film is to do with Hasumi shoplifting a CD, which activates a very elaborate system of punishment and education; he is scolded by the employees of the shop, kindly but firmly rebuked by his teacher, and finally beaten by his mother before a warm reconciliation. In miniature, we have a demonstration of the moral machinery of society…

  • My Darling Clementine

    My Darling Clementine


    In MY DARLING CLEMENTINE, Ford approaches the film's tiny, intimate material in the same poetic mode through which he renders its large, mythic movements - primarily a poeticism of space, atmosphere, faces where the random materials of reality reveal a deeper design and order. This is to say that Monument Valley has never looked quite so forbidding, clouds constantly churning and fog gathering, and we feel an awe in the connection of the largest, most uncontrollable phenomena with a relatively…