101 Dalmatians ★½

To think that this is written by John Hughes is both surprising and not surprising given the approach of this film. I will say that there are some good things, even one that's slightly better than the film. I enjoy the acting for the most part as everybody tries their best to give a good performance. I love the fact that the animals in this don't talk and you only see their interactions by making noises. It was very impressive with what they did to get the animals to act, and I appreciate that end for taking somewhat the extra mile for it. There were some chuckles, which was more than I can for the original film, but that's pretty much it.

A lot of the jokes fall flat on its face, and it has the typical John Hughes humor where it gets very slapsticky. The slapstick in this gets so over the top that it just gets silly. Glenn Close's performance as Cruella de Vil I'll say that at least she was giving a different approach to the character, but she was a little much in this that didn't give me any laughs. The climax was so crazy that I was interested in how batshit it's going to be, but not in a good way. The chemistry between Jeff Daniels and Joely Richardson wasn't great like in the original version, and the score of the film is so corny to listen. Story-wise, this is similar to the original film, but it felt like a different film to the point where I'm sort of baffled that this is even a Dalmatians film. This isn't as good as the original version due to how overtly silly this is, and with the knowledge of people telling me that the sequel is crazier than this one, I'm kind of excited for the sequel with that mindset.

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