Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★★

It has been a while since we have gotten a movie that’s a satire of something that we are familiar with, so I respect Taika Waititi for making his films outside of Marvel with his Thor 4 movie in the works. There’s also the nice fact that Taika Waititi himself with his Jewish heritage plays Adolf Hitler because what better way to disrespect him than be portrayed by a Jewish person? :)

Roman Griffin Davis did such a great job in his first film role as a Nazi fanatic that was going through a moral situation when he found a kid who is a Jew. To think that this is his first role is incredible and also to be a child actor that’s not annoying is quite an achievement for Taika Waititi to direct him in. Speaking of the director and I never thought I would say this but, he really stole the show as Hitler just because of how silly he portrays Hitler as the figment of the main kid’s imagination in a light-hearted way that can easily get some similar vibes from The Great Dictator. The humor is the perfect kind of humor from me that’s very silly to watch while having a lot of energy to show from the film.

The soundtrack also plays to some comedic effect in terms of playing some famous songs that we listen to that’s now in German, while also playing some effective emotional scenes that play out in a clever way that I was close to getting emotional myself. The interactions between Roman and Taika play off very well to each other that ends up leading to one of the most satisfying comedic moments that I’ve seen in a while. Scarlett Johannson did a great job as well with her playing the German accent up in a convincing way that is quite a different range for her to do than her usual films that she’s in, and Sam Rockwell is just Sam Rockwell as he’s having a lot of fun playing this character and is dancing it up which I’m always happy to see him do. I was surprised at how heartfelt it was as the chemistry between Roman and Thomasin is very sweet to watch, and the friendship between Roman and Archie is funny, especially when he called him fat in a friendly way that took me off guard, but was laughing so hard and just having such a good time with the film. When it does get serious, the movie does it in a very clever way that never took a sudden detour to the tone of the film and also doesn't ruin the joke as well. Jojo Rabbit is one of my favorite films of 2019 that I hope for more satire films like this and fewer parody films like Scary Movie 5 or Fifty Shades of Black that makes me want to die.

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