The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 ★½

Here we go, the last Twilight film that I get to watch for the last time. I remembered this movie being the best one that I’ve seen out of the series, even though it isn’t all that good. I was pumped to revisit the film once again and settled this series down for good. So out of all the Twilight films, this is the best one that I’ve seen where I did have at least a good time.

When it tries to do some comedy in a self-aware way, I thought it kind of worked to the film for the better and worse. The better aspect is that you at least know that it’s not taking itself all that seriously and just have fun with it which the previous films should’ve been. The other aspect is that it may not be as unintentionally hilarious as the previous films because they took it so overly serious that it can be funny in a bad way. It also shows the characters actually having some character moments because of the humor.

It’s the first time that I actually cared about the film in a good way because people are going to places and meeting some characters that I don’t hate. I mean when we get new characters like Lee Pace’s character, I like it because Lee Pace is actually giving a good performance. He makes the dialogue work because he’s charismatic that way even though he’s not in it that much. Michael Sheen is amazing because he is the only actor that knows this series is batshit insane. So why not have the best time of your life and just go over-the-top so that everybody would have a good time?

The fight scene at the end is so fun to watch with Carter Burwell choir music going all out that makes the scene effectively over-the-top that gets people excited and goes Gaga over it. It’s actually choreographed well, shit actually goes down, and a lot of people died from it in gruesome ways that I’m surprised this was PG-13. I was glad that the movie had the balls to do this because I heard the book doesn’t do that, but what led to it… I’ll get to it later.

They seemed to be very proud of the computer effect of the baby because not only do they show the baby for a long time, but the effect of it is laughably bad. I thought it ended there with the baby, oh no, they did the same thing to Mackenzie Foy’s character when she was young, it looked like she wasn’t even there. When it showed her as an adult, I got grossed out because they obviously photoshopped her face onto a grown woman’s body, and it was so weird in how it doesn’t look convincing.

I like how Maggie Grace’s character took one single look at Mackenzie Foy’s character and yeets herself out of there. I get why and have the whole, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” kind of ordeal, but the way it was presented here came out of nowhere and was just there for convenient sakes, which was pretty funny. The fact that Bella is the strongest vampire out of the whole group was so confusing which again, doesn’t explain why she stands out of the entire group.

When it got to the fight scene, I loved it, but what led to the end of the fight scene was so baffling that I was laughing my ass off. It doesn’t make any sense on that end because there were so many options at the end and the fact that they chose that was possibly the worst thing that you could’ve done to that. But then again, I have seen the film before, I was pissed off when I first saw that, but I couldn't get mad at that anymore.

In a way, I’m glad that I got to see this series because of two and the last two being so crazy fun that I had a great time watching it. I’m also regretful of the series because that also meant that I had to go through one and three because they were such nothing films that I was bored out of my mind when watching them. It is not the worst series that I’ve seen, but I do wish we get a better vampire and werewolf young adult film adaptation series in the future because this was a sad attempt of making five movies that put a bad image on them.

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