The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★

This film is hypnotic. I thought after a second watch I'd have a clearer view on how I feel about it, and I guess that's somewhat true, but the fact still remains. Everything, the cinematography, production design, performances, screenplay, sound design, it's all perfect, and executed with such intention that you are put in something of a trance from start to finish. What happens in these 109 minutes is bizarre, full of darkness and filth, and completely unlike anything else I have ever, or will ever see. In that respect, I think it has earned its reputation of being a masterpiece, especially from a technical standpoint. It is miraculous that this film exists. Top to bottom, it is an inherent novelty, and there are so many outrageous  moments that really make you appreciate that fact.

This isn't a five star film for me, though. I think I mostly can attribute that to the distance I feel from it emotionally. Although there is certainly richness to the characters, we never are led to fully connect with them. The horror elements don't really affect me in the way it's intended, and after both watches I consider this film almost more an absurdist black comedy than anything else. I think there is ample opportunity to read into the themes and project a much deeper meaning onto what happens here, but it's really much more fun to take everything at face value. Watching The Lighthouse is undeniably an entire experience, one that is disorienting and hilarious and deeply memorable. Absolutely go watch it if you haven't already.

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