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  • Cuties



    If you are offended, that’s OK. But make sure you know what it is that’s offending you. And if your aim is to fight pedophilia, please make sure you make real efforts to fight the industry, instead of shouting on Letterboxd. It’s gotten to be like the Wild West out here. If you’re already boycotting companies you don’t agree with, that’s awesome! I’ve cancelled Netflix, Hulu, Apple, Amazon, and other services that don’t align with my views. If you’re angry, don’t beat a dead horse - find a new one

  • Idiocracy



    An underrated 2000s comedy in my book. I love a comedy when it points fingers at the true enemy, and so openly. Happy to see it’s aged pretty well. This comedy predicted the future better than most sci-fi/futuristic movies I’ve seen

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  • The Goonies

    The Goonies


    Toward the beginning of the movie I was nervous this was going to be a total dick flick, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn this was a movie anybody could enjoy. Wholesome and adventurous

  • First Blood

    First Blood


    I thoroughly enjoyed First Blood - it touches on a reality some veterans faced after Vietnam. Yes, the reality is presented in exaggerated terms, but I felt the drama paralleled with the emotional turmoil in transitioning back from war. Rambo's breakdown at the end of the film was powerful and captured PTSD well.