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  • Videodrome



    This is a trip. Cronenberg goes full Cronenberg. But I was a little confused of his intentions. Does he believe that violent and erotic media will lead us to act out? Or is he riffing off those widespread fears that began around then? The satirical depiction of screen addiction was almost creepy at how accurate it’s become over 30 years later. 

    And Debbie Harry is an absolute fox

  • Toni Erdmann

    Toni Erdmann


    Really glad I went in to this knowing almost nothing except that a father tries to add humor in to his daughter’s life. This is awkward, and weird, and endearing, and has one of the wildest party scenes I’ve ever seen and then is followed up by the most heartwarming and earned moments about understanding and growth between a father and daughter. The movie flies by even at almost 3 hours, woth scenes that linger on our charters to put you in their head at any given moment, and our two leads are absolutely fantastic. 

    Don’t lose your humor

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  • La Haine

    La Haine


    So far, so good

    It’s crazy how the frustrations about police brutality seem to never end. Ask yourself, have we really made any progress? Are we doomed to repeat ourselves becuase of institutional failures? 

    I really liked how our three main characters basically portrayed the three alignments of chaotic good (Hubert), neutral (Saïd), and evil (Vinz)

  • Dogville



    One of the bleakest looks at humanity and society. Sometimes, you just have to put down a wounded dog. 

    Also, the sound stage setting with no buildings is absolutely brilliant. The audience is given the ability to see everyone in the town going about their business. Whether it’s working or someone in their private time, we’re given a voyeuristic feel and knowledge of what everyone is doing at any given time.